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Sandi Hunter
Published by: Sandi Hunter on 03-Sep-13
George Kosch's Popular Video: Are you a Potted Plant.

We've been receiving a number of inquiries about how to access one of George Kosch's most popular  training videos. Its the one where George asks, ARE YOU A POTTED PLANT?"

In case you missed it.....

George Kosch provided a humourous story about the person who says they are interested in building an online business, then does NOTHING to build it.

The example was:

Are you a potted plant?

If so, understand that no one is coming by to water you and keep you alive.

If you want to keep your business alive, keep your business GROWING, then don’t be a potted plant. You can’t just sit there in your pot waiting to be taken care of, you must do the work for your own survival!

Here's the video, you are sure to get a chuckle out of this and is also helpful in evaluating your own attitude about what is required to build a successful online business. 

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